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...outstanding properties require special attention as well as a great deal of competence and experience.  

Your high-end property sale requires competence and experience!

As your professional partner, it is our designated goal to justify the confidence you have placed in us. Professionalism, discretion and responsibility are synonymous with our services. Our qualified advice and consultation focus on your personal and economic best interest - Our clients best interest comes first

Together we assess your ambitions and define sales objectives. Our experts will inform you about the legal framework and tax implications of your real estate project. After a thorough inspection and careful examination of all relevant documents, we evaluate your fine property in terms of location and infrastructure, quality and condition, features and amenities as well as possible utilization. Recognizing the full potential of your property is crucial to the evaluation process. We know exactly what quality-conscious buyers are looking for and help you maximize your property’s appeal - We are specialized in tailor-made real estate solutions!

Based on your sales objectives and time frame, we devise the optimal marketing strategy. The exclusive marketing program of us offers a broad array of promotions and flexible opportunities for global visibility. For each high-end property, we identify the buyers’ profile to which we tailor our approach and promotional efforts. Thus, we ensure that we address the right audience. Sellers benefit from our proven expertise in the selection and design of appropriate media - We are a luxury brand that awards each property with exclusivity!


We provide unparalleled access to qualified wealth. In order to achieve the best possible sales result, we target exactly those affluent buyers whose purchase behavior, financial possibilities and lifestyle correspond to your property. Our experts coordinate and conduct property viewings, evaluate incoming bids, safeguard your interests during sales negotiations and provide professional support up until the final closing and beyond.

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Agreement without exclusivity: 5% plus Spanish VAT.

Agreement with exclusivity: 7% plus Spanish VAT.